Our Story

Fr Gianluigi Colombo, a Salesian Italian priest in charge of overseeing the operations of the Don Bosco Printing Press, was given permission by Don Bosco management to set up a “canteen” to support its employees, thus giving birth to Amici di Don Bosco (Friends of Don Bosco). Starting with Italian coffee and gelato, the canteen eventually introduced wood-fire oven baked pizzas and homemade pastas. Fr Colombo’s kitchen eventually became a taste of heaven where tired and weary “souls” found comfort. News of great Italian cuisine prepared and served by priests and “ordinary people” inside a canteen spread like wildfire, attracting patrons from all over Metro Manila. From humble beginnings, Amici di Don Bosco became well known for authentic Italian pizza, pasta, and gelato.

About the Chef

Amici Executive Chef Paolo Moran worked in restaurant kitchens in Florence and Sicily for a year to learn the culinary traditions of true Italian cooking. Now working in the Amici kitchen, he gives importance to the freshness of the ingredients to bring about the authentic Italian flavor. Being the creative mind and working hands behind the crafting of the new dishes offered by Amici, Chef Paolo aims to bring a smile to others by serving up his love and passion for good food.
“I’m happy to share this taste of Italy with you. My biggest satisfaction comes when I see friends and family gathered together enjoying the dishes I’ve prepared for them. Buon Appetito!” -Chef Paolo

The Tuloy Foundation

We, at Amici, take our commitment to helping provide second chances very seriously. Our culinary experts take pride in knowing that the authentic Italian dishes we create not only help feed and satisfy customers, but also help nourish the lives and souls of the children of Tuloy Foundation. For every order of a Tuloy Speciali dish, P10 will go directly to the Tuloy Foundation. These are new dishes will be specially marked with a gift icon. Tuloy Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Salesian priest Fr. Rocky Evangelista. It is focused on giving street children hope for a better life. Their Mission: To be a Center of Excellence in the reintegration of street children into mainstream society through a comprehensive program of caring, healing and teaching. TULOY admits street children, providing them with basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, basic education and vocational skills training; but most important, values and spiritual formation. It has, since its foundation in 1993, already affected the lives of over 10,000 street children, currently serving as many as 800 children. Find out more about Tuloy Foundation by visiting their website www.tuloyfoundation.org or by calling 775 0683