Executive Chef Paolo Moran shares some of his favourite dishes which were inspired by his stint in Italy having worked as a chef in restaurants in Florence and Sicily. These dishes are now available in Amici’s menu for a limited time.


The new dishes include three pastas, the first being the Seafood Diablo which is a spicy kick to a seafood lover’s delight of scallops and clams in tomato and cream sauce over spaghetti, another is the Pasta Nero which is a black squid ink pasta topped with crispy calamari, and lastly is the Bacon and Cheese Gnocchi. Gnocchi is an Italian potato pillow shaped pasta and is handmade from scratch. The pasta is topped with a cheesy sauce and bacon.
There is also the Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza which is mixed with Asiago cheese, Cream and Caramelized Onions as well as the Italian Burger which is a beef patty mixed with Italian Sausage and seasonings topped with a garlic aioli sauce, onion rings, cheddar cheese, lettuce and caramelized onions in a butter toasted Brioche Bun.

“I’m happy to share this taste of Italy with you. My biggest satisfaction comes when I see friends and family gathered together enjoying the dishes I’ve prepared for them. Buon Appetito!”
-Chef Paolo

Amici SM North is now open at The Block, Ground Floor in front of the HyperMarket.