Fr. ColomboEarly days in Don Bosco

When people think of Amici, many are transported back to the nostalgic times when it first started out as a cafeteria in Don Bosco, Makati. Amici di Don Bosco (Friends of Don Bosco) was founded in 2001 by Fr Gianluigi Colombo, a Salesian Italian priest in charge of overseeing the operations of the Don Bosco Makati Printing Press. Here, Fr Colombo introduced Italian coffee and gelato, brick-oven baked pizza and homemade pasta.

Soon, it became neither the requirements of the printing press nor students of Don Bosco that occupied most of the time of Amici Di Don Bosco employees. News of great Italian cuisine served turo-turo style spread like wildfire, attracting patrons from all over the metro. Customers experienced a certain warmth and charm, where the staff treated every customer with special attention.

People from all walks of life—expatriates and celebrities, white- and blue-collar workers, housewives, and socialites—flocked to Makati to experience Amici Di Don Bosco. They all appreciated the same good food and enjoyed the same low-key ambiance brought about by good friends and family at the table. From its humble beginnings, the printing press turo-turo easily became the go-to place for authentic Italian pizza, pasta, and gelato.


Amici Today

Fr. Colombo’s legacy of providing authentic Italian cuisine for friends and family continues today with the Moran family and Executive Chef Paolo Moran at the helm. Chef Paolo worked in restaurant kitchens in Florence and Sicily to learn the culinary traditions of true Italian cooking. Here he learned the importance of freshness to bring about the authentic flavors of Italy. For Chef Paolo, the true essence of Italian cooking comes when he is able to bring a smile to others by sharing his love and passion for good food. “Sharing my passion for food with my family is when it all comes together.”

Amici continues the legacy of authentic Italian dining through its dishes made for sharing with friends and family. Food is best enjoyed when shared with others over joy and laughter and that is the same experience we wish to share with everyone whenever they dine with us at Amici.